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Advanced technology enables precise movement of each tooth to create a digital treatment plan for each individual patient. Many types of malocclusions can be treated with aligner therapy. Gradual steps are taken to ensure successful treatment and patient comfort.

You’re always in control

Your prescription guides the plan. Send models or PVS impressions along with the Treatment Plan Rx. We scan the models and create a digital treatment plan. An interactive video of the tooth movements are provided for your approval.  You can request changes if desired before initial trays are fabricated.
We can fabricate the trays or you can ‘save’ and have the 3D models delivered to your office for fabrication.

Proven Technology

You can trust


Accurate movement of the Treatment Plan

Choose your treatment goals



Creating another beautiful smile




Our Aligners are fabricated with patients in mind.

Comfortable, Effective, Affordable

Clear Aligners can be ordered as the case progresses. And as the case requires. Not in levels or categories like other labs. So you pay for what you need. If you need 9.. pay for 9. Not for 13 or 20. Made here, in the USA.
You’ll also received them faster, so you can get your case started sooner.
Start today and begin enjoying more benefits using aligner therapy

Start Treatment Sooner

. . . ..3D Scanning

        Impressions  – Models

Fabricate Aligners in Office

3D Printed Models

 3D Printing

Save money and fabricate aligners in your office.  Submit a case for set up and we will print each step of the way and deliver  accurate 3D models for each aligner.  Use a vacuum forming machine and a material of your choice. Your aligners will accurately fit the patient and provide great results.


 Submitting a Case
A. Use the online form below to attach stl files and Rx copies.
B. Click the Scansmiles Treatment Plan Rx or any Rx. Save it to your computer. Open the fillable Rx anytime you need and complete with instructions. Email a copy to the lab. Or add it to the stl file upload below.
If you don’t have a scanner. You can send either PVS impressions or accurate stone models.  We will prepare and scan your patients models and create the treatment plan or fabricate the appliance.

In Office Aligner Fabrication
After a 3D Set Up is completed. You can order the 3D models of each Aligner step. Easily fabricate the Aligners in your office!

Carestream Digital Patient Records
We can provide a 3D patient records file viewable on Carestream software . Carestream software is a free download. You can easily store your patient records. The file will include 3D model images.

Rx forms are available for download. Save to your computer and send copies with STL files or anytime.

Or click and ‘open with’ Acrobat to fill out and submit.


Upload STL, RX and Patient Files

“We consider every case we receive as an honor and privilege to earn your trust and to make your patient a very happy patient.”

3D Treatment Plans

Proven technology to achieve your planned treatment goals. Choose what options and attachments you would like to have fabricated. Class 2 cut outs, full treatment or just a anterior set up for a better smile.

In Office Aligner Fabrication

We can fabricate your aligners. Or, with our accurate 3D printing you can order 3D models and fabricate your own aligners. Submit a 3D Treatment Plan Rx and quickly receive the models you wish.

3D Scanning

All you need are accurate impressions or models.  We take it from there. Carestream scanning and imaging software you can trust. Your patients models will be an exact copy of the case submitted.

3D Aligners

Our 3D Aligners are very precise and deliver the exact forces you need to create beautiful smiles and happy patients. And you won’t have to pay for levels of treatment you never reach.

Online Submission

Use our simple form to submit a case online. You can download our fillable Rx forms to use at any time.  Upload Rx forms, STL files or any files or photographs to the lab.

Patients in Mind

We have been moving teeth for decades.  Our goal is always to give the best appliances that will deliver results. Happy patients contribute to our long lasting customer relationships.

Get ready to stand out

Scansmiles will give a lasting impression to your patients

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